Program Overview

The online program comprises 5 self-paced sessions over 6 weeks. Each session contains learning, personal stories, interactive activities, and quizzes, as well as ongoing motivation and encouragement, to assist you to overcome your problems with eating. There are useful tools that will enable you to record and reflect on your eating habits, behaviours, moods and thoughts.

After you have completed a session, the next session will be unlocked and become available after 5 days. During the week before the next session becomes available, you will be asked to complete some activities to practice what you learnt from the session. You have 8 weeks to complete the program.

Key Messages - These will be points, designed to challenge your thinking and help recovery. For example: "The ultimate goal of this program is to help you change your relationship with food from stressed and chaotic, to flexible, enjoyable and healthy. To do that, we will raise your awareness around your current relationship with food, how you eat, when you eat and how you feel about it.”

Education - Information that will help you understand your experience and relationship with eating, food and your body.

Personal Stories - Listen to stories of people similar to you and hear about how they overcame their struggles and challenges with food.

Interactives - These activities encourage you to reflect on and apply what you have been learning in each session.


My Tools

This space is for you to record and reflect on your experiences through the program. The tools are accessible via both the eTherapy program and BEeT smart phone app. You can access them at any time on the go to see how far you have come.

Food Diary - Record and monitor your eating habits and behaviours and change your relationship with food.

Thought Diary - Build awareness of your moods and thoughts. Learn how to challenge unhelpful thoughts and see how this helps you.

Feared Foods Activity - Practice your new skills and overcome fears you have around particular food.



Your progress is recorded through the program through mini eScreen assessments. These will take approximately 5-10 minutes to do each session. We then can provide you with a report of your progress as you move through the course.

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